Our Team


Abby Jane Love

Through her company L’Oven, Abby Love bakes whole grain breads and pastries from fresh milled flours, teaches baking classes, and is planning the opening of her Dripping Springs bakery in late 2019.

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Alicynn Fink

Alicynn Fink found her love for food at an early age, spending weekends in the kitchen after checking out cookbooks from the library.

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Alma Alcocer-Thomas

As executive chef of the restaurant that bears her name, Alma explores her passion for innovative, authentic Central Mexican cuisine. A native of Mexico City and an alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu Paris, her Austin culinary career began at Jeffrey’s, where she started as pantry chef and worked her way to executive chef. While there, she developed a lifelong appreciation for continental cuisine and fine ingredients. A stint at Fonda San Miguel reconnected her with her Mexico City roots and she began exploring the flavors of Central Mexican cuisine. In 2011she partnered with Carlos Rivero of El Chile Group to open El Alma, which has become a standout in the dynamic Austin culinary scene, thanks to Alcocer’s drive to offer fresh flavors and warm hospitality.


Amy Cartwright

Little did Amy Cartwright know that taking a job at the Bitter End Brewpub in 1996 to pay her way through the University of Texas Austin would lead to a lifelong pursuit for the perfect IPA, and an obsession with craft beer in general. While enjoying a killer American Pale Ale brewed by her husband, Rob, Amy decided to dedicate herself to a more worthy endeavor: craft beer! It was then that the idea for Independence Brewing Co. was born. Years of research, planning, and fundraising culminated in October 2004 when Independence opened its warehouse doors in South Austin. Amy’s passion for brewing hand-crafted ales for Texas comes through in every batch, every keg and can of beer that Independence brews. 


Anastacia Bernal Uriegas

San Antonio native Anastacia Uriegas started her adult life immersed in art as a photographer and eventually followed in her mother’s marketing footsteps. She interned at the seventh largest Hispanic advertising agency in the US and served as Creative Director for a boutique marketing firm for over a decade. After moving to Austin she found her place in the city’s vibrant food and drink community, initially as a publicist and later as a freelance writer, designer, and photographer. She currently serves as Creative Director for the Austin Food & Wine Alliance. Anastacia lives in East Austin with her hilarious husband, two kitties, and two dog-children who bear striking resemblances to Ewoks.

Amy March

Amy March is the founder and executive chef of The Steeping Room a specialty retail tea store and full service restaurant.