For the past 16 years, we have hosted a yearly holiday dinner for the homeless, in partnership with the University United Methodist Church, a zero-waste kitchen.

Every Saturday, we organize and execute a Food Run, picking up would-be-waste food at Wheatsville and delivering it to the University United Methodist Church to be turned into hot meals for the homeless. Our Food Run program has existed in some form since 2003.

Since 2015, we have given financial and volunteer support to Posada Esperanza, a full-service transitional housing program for immigrant mothers and their children, escaping domestic or cultural violence.  In addition to a cash payment, we partner with Green Corn Project in creating, digging, and refreshing their vegetable gardens each year.*

*These are part of our work supporting the Green Tables program of LDEI, a farm and garden philanthropic initiative linking rural and urban farms and gardens to school, restaurant, and kitchen tables. Programs promote community health, ensure sustainability, and support equity.

**In 2019, we are exploring a partnership with the New Leaf Agriculture initiative of the Multicultural Refugee Coalition as part of the LDEI Global Culinary Initiative to embrace diversity by connecting global culinary cultures and crossing cultural barriers.